Dummy Chain 'Recycler'
Dummy Chain 'Recycler'
Dummy Chain 'Recycler'

Dummy Chain 'Recycler'

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Bring that dummy chain back to LIFE!

Introducing our Dummy Chain 'Recycler'.

The innovative solution for recycling your dummy chain once your little outgrows it. Our 'Recycler' turns your dummy chain into a ready to attach personalised bag tag perfect for your littles school/daycare bag. Simply select your bag tag clip colour choice and whether you require alphabet or engraved bead replacement.

The pack includes:

- nylon string
- bag tag clip available in 4 colours
- threading needle
- optional choice of replacing alphabet or engraved beads

Instructions for use:

1. Cut your dummy chain string
2. Lay out beads in your new design
3. Safely discard end wooden bead and pacifier clip
4. Thread new string through needle eye
5. Thread beads onto needle pulling onto new string
6. Tie a knot in the end to secure beads
7. Use a lighter to singe ends to prevent fraying


Keep out of reach of children. Children can swallow or choke on beads. Unused small parts should be discarded safely. Bag tags are NOT intended as a toy.

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