Wooden Wardrobe Divider - Rainbow
Wooden Wardrobe Divider - Rainbow

Wooden Wardrobe Divider - Rainbow

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Not only do our dividers make it easy for our parents to find clothes quickly and to see at a glance what is in their babies wardrobe, they also look amazing and make any wardrobe look organised!

In your Pack:

0000/ Newborn, 000/ Infant, 00/ Crawler. 0/ Walker, 1/ Toddler & 2/ Junior

Divider Details:

- Made from 4mm Queensland Hoop Pine

- Laser Engraved - wont peel or fade

- Approx. 16cm tall


Our Process

All of our designs are dreamt up and created in our humble Queensland home. We work with only 100% laser safe, sustainable laser ply or Queensland hoop pine. Our designs are cut and engraved under our watchful eye and carefully sanded down to remove any imperfections so the finished product arrives at your doorstop as perfect as we initially imagined when we started WildBebe.
We pride ourselves on the smaller details, a principle that runs deep in everything we do. This means that we go the extra mile to ensure that our customers get very considered, thoughtful products right down to the packing and wrapping.

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